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Cristina Cernei: In the 21st Century, Pupils Are Informed Differently, and Media Education Helps Us, Teachers, Be There Where It Is DIFFERENT

In our hasty century, when information overwhelms us from everywhere, it is crucial to be able to discern messages coming from the media space. Without critical thinking and profound fact analysis, we have little chance of raising a young generation with a pronounced sense of responsibility. Media Education is the school subject that helps us […]


(Тест) 10 вопросов для проверки твоих цифровых знаний

  Материал подготовлен в рамках проекта «Инновационные инструменты медиаобразования для информированных граждан», реализуемого Центром независимой журналистики при поддержке Посольства Финляндии в Бухаресте.